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Dear Fila PH Please Bring Some Heat

Some of the brands like New Balance and Saucony always bring their classic silhouette here in our shore.  Even the brand like Reebok brought some of their classic footwear here in our country and I for one appreciate it.  When I recently visited an outlet footwear shop and found out the Reebok Classic leather is on sale, I wonder if Fila can bring some of their classic silo here.  Fila stores are present in the mall for as long as I remember.  And every time I visited a Fila store what always present is the sale banner.  Don't get me wrong I appreciate the sales part. But I thought there's something missing.

I realized the missing piece when I found out that Fila USA brought back their classic silhouette in North America.   Below are models that I wish Fila Philippines will bring here

Pictures above are credit to

The sneakers above are all made of quality material like leather and suede.  Those quality uppers will be appreciated not only by men but by women also. The …

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